This spring, the famous house Les Deux Magots on Boulevard Saint-Germain reinvents itself and becomes a label dedicated to the Parisian art of living.

Something new! That’s the exciting promise of Les Deux Magots for the return of sunny days. But why change a winning formula, the lovers of the legendary literary Café would say? Because everything must change so that nothing changes, Alain Delon from “Le Guépard” would reply! But let the locals of Saint-Germain and the regulars from all over the world be reassured: the house has opted for an evolution without revolution. And the ambition is beautiful: to contribute to the dreamlike allure of the Parisian art of living, embodied by its culture, cuisine, inspiring personalities, and unique lifestyle. And count us in too! Hence, the most observant will notice that the famous name is now written in a more sober and elegant typography. This slight transformation reflects the transition of the mythical Café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés into an emblematic brand, synonymous with French excellence and the art of hospitality. Les Deux Magots truly represents the Parisian art of living! The house also takes the opportunity to refresh its appearance with new enamel champagne-coloured tables, which undoubtedly won’t disorient the regulars. A new website accompanies this transformation and showcases its values: refined and joyful elegance (jazz is still played there!), the authenticity of true Paris, –in the shadow of the famous church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés– efficient and attentive service, and culinary hedonism. The menu, precisely, has been upgraded with the aim of being not only the reference for gourmet Parisian Café but also that of a quality restaurant. One eats well at Les Deux Magots! Regulars are familiar with the unmissable homemade hot chocolate, the tasty 3-cheese croque-monsieur, the most exquisite club sandwich in the capital, not to mention the tenderness of the beef tenderloin. They now discover the flavour of green asparagus mimosa with a lemony sauce, slow-cooked veal chop with a delicate ratatouille, or even the fillet of John Dory with zucchini salad and basil mayonnaise. A culinary work carried out by the team for several months, proud to present a high-quality gustatory experience. But what would earthly pleasures be without those of the mind? Fortunately, Les Deux Magots Café continues to nurture freedom. And on September 25th, it will celebrate the 90th Prix des Deux Magots with panache. Now scheduled at the beginning of the literary season to stand out from the crowd, the prize further reinforces its prestige.

6, place Saint-Germain-des-Prés – 75006 Paris
+33 1 45 48 55 25