Literature, gastronomy, celebration, and international development: the legendary café is preparing to proudly celebrate its 140th anniversary.

Winter is here, but the world of publishing still resonates with the memories of the last summer’s celebration–the 90th Prix des Deux Magots. On 25 September, the jury of this now foremost grand prize awarded during the literary season, crowned Guy Boley for his novel “À ma sœur et unique” (Grasset). Amidst the midday cocktail, gastronomic dinner, and a jazz concert paying tribute to Boris Vian, the day was festive and imbued with the distinctive spirit of Saint-Germain that Les Deux Magots embodies so well. Alain Souchon, Julie Depardieu, Francis Huster, Éric Neuhoff, and Brigitte Fossey also contributed to the success of the event, followed in November by the bestowing of the Prix Apollinaire, France’s most prestigious poetry award. Not forgetting, next spring, the Prix Pelléas, dedicated to music through literature. Yet, the love for literature at Les Deux Magots never stops, and the establishment offers, once a month, the unmissable gathering of “Lundi des Écrivains,” inaugurated by Guy Boley for the new season. The cultural return to Saint-­Germain-des-Prés also heralds the comeback of “Jeudis du Jazz,” another classic of the establishment. Every Thursday evening, from October to May, guests can enjoy a drink or dinner while listening to a live jazz concert performed by a trio of musicians, resurrecting the mythical era of Saint-Germain’s cellar clubs. These are wonderful opportunities to savour the restaurant’s menu, especially a new gourmet dish: “L’Énigme d’Auguste.” Exclusively conceived for Les Deux Magots by chef Arnaud Larher, this delightful all-chocolate surprise pays homage to Auguste Boulay–the ancestor of the current owner, Catherine Mathivat–who acquired the café in 1914. Another piece of good news for gourmets: in spring, Les Deux Magots will open a new outlet featuring premium snacking and a line of products bearing the colours of the iconic café. A culinary and cultural escape on the go, available for takeaway in a specially dedicated place–but shh… It’s still a surprise! And since Les Deux Magots have decided to surprise us, the most adventurous among its regulars can discover, since October, the Brazilian address in São Paulo. After a similarly successful opening in Riyadh last May, this fourth place worldwide demonstrates Les Deux Magots’ commitment to continue exporting the Parisian Art of Living and thus develop a brand that has captivated hedonists for 140 years!

Photo: 90th Prix des Deux Magots
On 25 September, the jury crowned Guy Boley for his novel À ma sœur et unique (Grasset).

From Rue de Buci to Boulevard Saint-Germain

Once upon a time… a “novelties” store, Les Deux Magots, settled at 23 Rue de Buci. In 1873, the shop relocated to Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés to expand and, in 1884, made way for a liquorist café that retained the name. Verlaine, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, among others, initiated the café’s literary legacy. The establishment will celebrate in 2024 the 140 years since the inception of the liquorist café, marking the beginning of such a beautiful story!

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