With good humour and generosity, the thirty-year-olds Arthur and Alex revitalise the neighbourhood.

A successful bar-restaurant is an alchemy combining a decor, a cuisine and a personality. Or rather two, since Arthur and Alex have been at the helm of La Charrette since last September, a cosy but dynamic little spot that is reviving the Rue des Beaux-Arts. The gallery owners are delighted: at last a nice establishment with young people who shake up the codes and stimulate this quiet street! Arthur and Alex had a friendly crush on each other three years ago—“a good laugh” as they say—when they were both dreaming of opening a restaurant. One was working for a luxury brand, the other was running from a gastronomic restaurant to a brasserie. The duo then pooled their assets: Arthur’s experience and know-how with Alex’s interpersonal skills. They took over La Charrette and reinvented an effective recipe: a beautiful little space with its arty mural and subdued lighting, a short but effective menu with gourmet salads, a remarkable burger and a notable truffle croque-monsieur, a dish of the day and a fine piece of beef to share. It’s fresh, tasty, copious and at an affordable price! In the evening, you can dine here, drink very good house cocktails and sometimes even dance. A bubble of authenticity on the edge of the touristic Saint-Germain-des-Prés…

17, rue des Beaux-Arts – 75006 Paris
+33 1 72 38 49 56
Instagram : @lacharrette.paris

Photos © Josselyn LAMBERT