Photo © sr. regard

California Bliss

From the surfers of the Californian beaches to those of Hossegor, everyone has adopted the Frozen Yogurt. But not everyone who wants to may be a frozen yogurt!

Since 2013, the American Kylie Schuyler and Danielle Ahajot, the two founders of the brand, have taken up this challenge: to develop products that are gluten-free, creamy, light and… very low in fat. The high quality of manufacture and the incredible diversity of the products first made them the darlings of surfers and were very quickly adopted by all aficionados concerned with combining pleasure and a healthy figure. From the new flavours of Bliss Cup Frozen Yogurt Rose-Litchi-­Raspberry, to Bliss Acai Bowl, with the famous Amazonian acai berry, with its super antioxidant powers, the wide choice of flavours –nearly fifty!– and toppings will delight the most subtle of taste buds. The hardest part, as you will have understood, will be to choose. We fell for their latest innovation, unique in France, the Bliss Frozen Banana: an iced banana coated with vegan milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnut chips as a topping. A real gourmet wonder!
The enthusiasm is shared by Monoprix, which has recently taken over the brand to develop capsule collections throughout France (a nod to the locals: California Bliss is also at Monoprix on rue de Rennes!). Just like Les Deux Magots, which has adopted it as its healthy dessert. And all summer long, on rue de Buci, the ocean-coloured trolley delivers these wonders, on the spot or to take away. On their website, with Uber Eats or Deliveroo, your cravings will continue to ride the California Bliss wave!

10, rue de Buci – 75006 Paris
+33 1 43 29 92 75