Photo: the chef, Massimo Tringali with Sebastiano Cirasa, director and Massimo Mori, owner.

Emporio Armani Caffè Ristorante

“The cooking starts with the product. However, the truth of the product lies in respect for the seasons, traditions, terroirs and producers. All this is found at our gastronomic table” says the owner, Massimo Mori. A culinary art that has earned the leader, Massimo Tringali, to shine in the firmament and pick up, dubbed by critics, his first Michelin star in 2018. To dine on the first floor of the restaurant is to discover Italy in a different way, in what it can offer of more subtle and refined. For New Year’s Eve, the Menu Speciale Tarufo Bianco d’Alba and its wine pairing will be a real journey to the land of white truffles, or stopovers like the Paolo Parisi Organic Fondant Egg Fondue, Parmigiano Reggiano grand réserve 2011, white truffle from Alba and Tortellini from Emilia Romagna in a farm chicken broth, will be a delight for both palate and soul. Here, the chefs are called Massimo and the work is a family-run business. Confidence, consistency and know-how are the key words of this winning combination with, at the head of the communication,—and many other missions!—Céline Mori, who also puts the spotlight on the restaurant on the ground floor, where you will enjoy traditional and always subtle cuisine. We particularly appreciate the 2 large tables on the mezzanine, like a cocoon, (if you are looking for Céline, it’s the place where you can find her) which have the double advantage of offering a panoramic view of both the restaurant and the street and can be made private for 12 people. Finally, before 8 p.m. and from 10.30 p.m., you can enjoy their cocktails, as a foretaste of the Dolce Vita…

149, boulevard Saint-Germain – 75006 Paris
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