A pioneer of “specialty coffees”, Terres de Café has finally set up shop in the 6th arrondissement.

With 9 shops, including 2 in Seoul, Terres de Café, founded in 2009 by Christophe Servell, has established itself as the leading roaster of speciality coffees in France. “With a market that is exploding, and a very strong global demand, we have a real legitimacy” explains the founder and president of Terres de Café.
If you haven’t yet switched from industrial “commodity” coffee to high quality “specialty” coffee that respects sustainable development, hurry to the new shop on rue Bourbon-le-Château to taste an Ethiopian, Kenyan, Colombian, Brazilian or Ecuadorian coffee. “You will be greeted by a barista who will explain that we master the entire production chain, from the plant to the cup, including roasting,” continues Christophe Servell. “We have established a long-term relationship with some fifteen farms to work together on a joint development programme based on quality and sustainability. Terres de Café thus offers coffees from different locations, each expressing different subtle and tasty flavours. The coffee beans, or fresh-ground coffees, are proposed in 250g bags (150g for the great vintages) and a range of speciality coffees in ­Nespresso-compatible and home-compostable capsules is also available. “With global warming, industrial coffee is becoming scarcer and of lower quality. The future lies with specialty coffee, grown at high altitudes and much better”, concludes the coffee roaster.

4, rue Bourbon-le-Château – 75006 Paris
+33 1 43 54 00 99 – www.terresdecafe.com

Photo © Fabrice Leseigneur