What a delight it is to talk about this little gem in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. About this magical place, this elegance, and refinement that charm us so much.

Within these historical vaults of millstone, where pools with water at body temperature take on all their sensory dimensions by candlelight… Pauline Picaut, a trained osteopath and co-founder of Spa Clēmēns, has created custom massages that resemble true sensory experiences, leaving us to imagine that this is indeed the best of worlds. Similar to all the treatments offered in the pools, like their best-seller, the floating massage–inspired by various aquatic relaxation techniques–is a dreamlike moment leading to complete relaxation both mentally and physically. Under the vaulted cellars from the 18th century, the experience feels weightless. Between aquatic osteopathy or the anti-fatigue treatment in the salt-water basin–where 2 tons of Epsom salt allows natural floating–relaxation is guaranteed. The candlelight and the drink served by the –privatized– poolside complete this intimate moment.

On the ground, the practitioners are specially trained in Kobido. A Japanese facial massage technique, a true rejuvenation treatment for the skin and facial tensions. Lymphatic massage, according to Renata França, or the Turbinada–just to name a few!–can help shed all retained water in just an hour. Truly magical. There’s a whisper that a Spa Clēmēns branch has recently opened nearby, where you can choose the most delightful gift voucher as a gift to all those you cherish: time for oneself. It’s not without reason that this haven of peace has already received two awards: first place in the Beauty Forum Awards 2022, Urban Spa category, and in 2023, first place in the Psychologies Prize, Well-being category. As for our magazine, it naturally enters the race to crown the Spa Clēmēns as one of the most exquisite places in the capital. As a cherry on top of this floating paradise, a sincere salute to the soulful essence that animates it.

Babies in the spotlight

As guest star, Pauline wanted to honour babies and their mothers. This treatment is specially designed for babies aged between 4 and 12 months, accompanied by one or both parents, guided by a practitioner. The child is gently rocked, offering deep relaxation and optimal well-being. It holds special significance as it offers parents a precious opportunity to strengthen the unique bond with their child, while contributing to their psychomotor development. Like a reminiscence of the womb, the treatment is a truly remarkable experience.

14, rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris
+33 7 67 04 50 57 – www.spaclemens.com