Completely new: experience the unique Renata França lymphatic drainage!

Already famous throughout Brazil and now on the lips of all physiotherapists and in all beauty salons, her name is circulating. Renata França. This Brazilian, with an unmistakable success story, has adopted a unique and formidably effective drainage method. The principle? An alternation between pumping movements (to open the lymph nodes) and pressure (to make the lymph circulate). “The Renata França method consists of several stages: lymphatic drainage to unclog, detoxify and act on aqueous cellulite, but also remodelling, which allows in-depth work to intervene on adipose and fibrous cellulite and thus sculpt the body,” explained Nathalie Duarte in the columns of Madame Figaro. In France, all the institutes are fighting over it for a good reason: the results are there after fifteen minutes. Amazing! It was Isabella, the Brazilian founder of Slow Vibes, trained by Renata França herself, where I tested this delicious massage for you, who received me in this temple of well-being, surrounded by CBD oils and various cosmetic products, all CBD-based… 

Did you say CBD? Yes, cannabidiol, a molecule found in cannabis, is now legal in France. Containing no more than 0.3% THC (the molecule responsible for the “psychoactive” effect), CBD is therefore not a narcotic and its recognised relaxing and de-stressing effects are now enjoyed by millions of French people. But let’s not wander, the highlight of the show is on the floor below. It’s where, for 1 hour and a half, Isabella gives the “Grail treatment”. It is not a massage (but just as pleasant), nor a palpating and rolling massage, nor a modelling; it is a method, a protocol. After 15 minutes, Isabella asks me: “Raise your right leg (the one that has just been massaged). I do so. A feather! “Now raise your left leg. Lead! She then goes on to point to my right ankle. And now I’m really impressed… It’s thinner than the other one! It’s drier. Isabella explains to me that the massage drains, that the “water rises up” and is then evacuated through the natural channels. And during the whole massage, it feels the same all over the body. The CBD oil is mixed with essential oils and the result is that you leave feeling as relaxed as you are light! And now, a little nap is a must! 

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