Retro-looking electric bikes

Super73 and Voltaire: we have tested the ultimate electric bike for you.

First the Voltaire. This is THE electric bike 2.0 that you must have in town. Like the little Chanel dress, it’s a must-have that you strive for. Designed with a subtle mix and match between the Dutch bike and the spirit of the 1960s, it is extremely elegant. The lines are fluid, the battery inserted in the saddle is invisible and with its single speed, it is very easy to handle and ride anywhere.
Its French manufacturers had the good idea to insert all the necessary electronics, they left nothing to chance. At the top of the stem, a beautiful screen nicely integrated with all the technology: speed, GPS chip, alarm in case of theft, electronic key for the starting and so on! In short, it’s a jewel (that goes up to 25 km/h). Just like the super star Super73, created in California and on the way to becoming the real leader on the fatbike market. A rock ‘n’ roll look, also 2.0, with big wheels designed for both city and adventure and a large seat with ++ comfort. Its performance is remarkable, going from 0 to 25 km/h in a single spin of the wheel with a capacity of 120 km. It’s up to you to enjoy the ride! It’s also up to you to discover these nuggets and to test them at the only dealer who has these two models and who had the wonderful idea of setting up in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Let’s saddle up!

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