Samer Zakharia, founder of the high-end cosmetics brand Maison Flamel, notably available at Le Bon Marché, is now launching Maison Douze, a collection of 12 fragrances inspired by astrology. With a lifelong fascination for the signs of the Zodiac and a love for fragrances since childhood, this young French-Lebanese gentleman, previously at YSL Parfums and Kenzo Parfums, is combining his two passions, establishing an intimate and universal dialogue between astrology and perfume. Keen to avoid the frivolity of the horoscope, Samer Zakharia took inspiration from twelve people he loves and who has made a strong impression on him, each of whom is a powerful embodiment of a star sign. This intimate approach, charged with rich and personal life stories, led to the creation of olfactory portraits. Born under the sign of Libra, also his avatar, the creator has imagined Accord Tacite, a fragrance of roses, sometimes sparkly, sometimes potpourri. It expresses the quest for balance, the swaying between carnal pleasures and platonic love, between social grace and the sincerity of the Libra, a sign guided by subtle sensitivity, interlaced with an unbearable lightness of being. An original concept put in bottle with very high-quality ingredients, and in which everyone can find their perfect match. To discover all summer at Hotel Bel-Ami…

Maison Douze at Hotel Bel-Ami
7, rue Saint-Benoît – 75006 Paris
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