After having dedicated his first creations to women, the perfumer-­designer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud takes a path of new olfactory emotions. On the programme, a journey “to men’s hearts, to the depth of their instinct for freedom and their particular sensitivity”, we are told. It’s beautiful. And —judging by the gentlemen who had the privilege to try the fragrances— it is also a great success. The composition of the fragrances, complex and difficult to achieve, has benefited from an extremely discerning dosage that seems to be one of the keys to their success. Five new fragrances with evocative names such as Sur la route (on the road) or Orage (thunderstorm). We fell for Au Hasard (by chance), a subtle blend of sweet aromas, cardamom, sandalwood, an almost… charismatic scent! Let’s make an unprecedented exploration of Maison Vuitton straight away!

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