It’s all new! Since September, the Slavic team of this pretty salon has taken up quarters at rue des Quatre-Vents under the gentle germanopratine breeze. Experts in the art of sublimating eyelashes and eyebrows, the technicians deploy their talents to perfect this immutable weapon of vanity: the look of the eyes. From the programme, let’s start with the made-to-measure eyelash extensions. They are silk, mink, cashmere, with the extra bonus, the “Russian volume” method. Only ever applied eyelash for eyelash, for glamorous or natural effect, all your desires will be met and who knows, maybe someone will whisper the famous verses of Baudelaire to salute the excellence of your choice: “Let my heart become drunk with a lie; let it –Plunge into your fair eyes as into a fair dream; –And slumber long in the shadow of your lashes.” Yes, it’s beautiful. But it has to be earned! And to put all the chances on your side, the “microblading” is a must! Micro… what? An eyebrow make-up which is performed like embroidery and that lasts an hour… and a year. A semi-permanent make-up which restructures the eyebrow for a “truer than nature” look and gives it the long-desired shape! In order to be sure of the shape, you may start restructuring the eyebrow with henna that lasts a month. Of course, you can just have your eyebrows plucked, the hands manicured or the feet pampered too!


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