As the guardian of our restorative nights, La Compagnie du Lit watches over our health.

Rich and hectic, professional and social lives often leave the Germanopratin on edge. What could be better than perfect night’s sleep? But to sleep well, you need good bedding! As the saying goes, “You make your bed, you lie in it”, and La Compagnie du Lit is not going to deny it. You don’t have to go far to find your night-time happiness. On Rue d’Assas, the shop of La Compagnie du Lit is the guardian of our nights. The store offers a wide range of mattresses and bed frames at the best prices with products from André Renault, Bultex, Epeda, Dunlopillo, Merinos, NGell, Simmons, Treca and Trianon. And if you haven’t mastered the secrets of the pocket spring or memory foam mattress, or the equally important secrets of the slatted bed base or box spring, don’t panic! For more than 30 years, sleep experts have been there to explain, advise and respond to the needs of each individual to finally achieve comfortable and restful nights. And this almost immediately, since La Compagnie du Lit can, under certain conditions, deliver to your room the very next day. Which leaves you with just enough time to choose your pillows, sheets and duvet!

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