As a pioneer in raffia, the house offers original and cheerful designs, somewhere between sculptures and bags.

Summer is here, and with it comes the desire for a fresh and light wardrobe. To match it, the crucial choice of a summer bag will inevitably lead the elegant ladies to the Jamin Puech boutique, a temple of chic and artistic raffia! Alongside a leather line and another dedicated to embroidery, the brand, which was created 32 years ago, offers a collection of original bags, hand-woven, braided, or crocheted in Madagascar, the home of raffia palm. From evening clutches to large shopping bags and shoulder bags, success came quickly with orders for Chanel, Chloé, and Balmain fashion shows as early as 1993. The Jamin Puech style is recognisable at first glance: the bags resemble sculptures with intricate work on reliefs, volumes, and textures. The brand also dares to embrace colour with traditional dyes, making each piece unique in its hue. An iconic model of the house, Les Rochelets, with its sturdy leather handles, is the perfect embodiment of the creative work carried out for over 20 years in a Malagasy workshop. About a hundred people, in several villages, make a living from the production of Jamin Puech bags, passing down their unique traditional know-how. Although discreet, the brand has conquered the world with exclusive retail locations in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Due to their quality, the pieces are rare –with only 500 copies per collection– and are highly sought after. Don’t wait too long…

43, rue Madame – 75006 Paris
+33 1 45 48 14 85