After seven years in the Marché Saint-Germain, the well-known coffee brand Nespresso, emperor of the new era of encapsulated coffee, has just moved to the corner of rue du Four.

The aim is to get closer to the beating heart of Saint-Germain and to reinforce the notion of service, with the creation of 160 m2 of this chic and cosy space. It is true that the “Nespresso experience” is worth the visit. Through the façade, with its 180° windows, the tasting space is open to the eyes of passers-by. Leather seats, precious woods, plant decorations, a virtual window on the coffee fields, a mosaic floor referring to those of the Parisian brasseries (here and nowhere else!), an Art Nouveau chandelier and even a bicycle hanging on the wall. In addition to the Germanopratin nod, the bicycle –made up of 300 recycled capsules– illustrates the roaster’s initiative to recycle capsules, which are now made of 80% recycled aluminium. This is a necessary step in the ecological direction.
In short, the brand has made the Rive Gauche codes its own. And even more so, by creating this tasting area which is almost independent from the rest of the shop! Today, you enter the Nespresso store as you would a chic bistro, with the desire to stay or to invite a friend to learn the art of tasting a great vintage or the latest aroma, such as the coffee created in collaboration with the chef Jean Imbert. Around the luxurious space, everything is designed to allow free movement, with no less than 22 employees at the service of customers and a room reserved for bag packing. There is absolutely no waiting. As soon as you place your order on the dedicated platforms (self-service is no longer an option), a person hands you your bag with a smile. It’s almost like being in a jewellery shop, the service is so personal!
A bet of proximity that has already succeeded for the coffee giant installed in the lungs of the Rive Gauche, whose enthusiasm is increasingly sensitive to the quality of service and products. What else? 

55, rue de Rennes – 75006 Paris