Photo: Origins Luxury Lodge, Costa Rica © AVABLU / Ryan Forbes

After opening her first travel agency in Passy in 2019, Ségolène Sergeant has just opened her second haven on Rue de Grenelle. And, listening to the passion that drives her when she talks about her profession, it’s clear why this former engineer, with a finance degree, chose to follow her heart rather than her reason.

Exit the cold open spaces of finance offices with greyish carpets and faded white walls, replaced by her “candy box agency” with soft colours and human relationships that create real bonds. Today, it’s these bonds that set this travel agency apart from the others: “I design my trips with ultra-­personalized customer needs in mind. Here, we offer itineraries off the beaten path.” And the founder adds, “Our goal is to work directly with hotels and local operators rather than tour operators who offer more standardized travel.” To succeed in finding the right contacts, unexplored places, or hotels with a “wow” factor, it’s quite simple: Ségolène does her “shopping” on-site. With her small team, she travels the world, and with the support of the hoteliers and local operators she meets, she builds bridges with the best partners in each country, like Origins Luxury Lodge in Costa Rica, nestled in breathtaking tropical vegetation. The result? By offering her customers real-life experiences and a global vision of the countries she explores, she is capable of adapting to even the wildest desires and most unusual wishes of her clientele. “My wish is for every organized trip to be the one my client remembers for a lifetime,” she enthusiastically emphasizes. This level of service cannot be found online! Before, during, and after your trip, you won’t have to worry about a thing; forget the stress of finding the best spot, spending hours searching for possible itineraries, the right place, the right restaurant, the right excursion, the right price, the right reviews, the right transfers, the right insurance… Here, you have one single interlocutor. All you have to do is pack your suitcase. And the premium service begins with the chauffeur picking you up at your doorstep. So, keep it simple: choose happiness!

82, rue Grenelle – 75007 Paris
+33 1 85 73 57 87