Created in 2013, the Swedish brand of facial devices, FOREO, continues its inevitable rise! It was to be expected, since the results from using their devices were so visible and concrete already from the first use. Spas, hotels or private individuals, everyone wants their “LUNA™”, the cleansing face brush with its anti-aging technology with 8,000 pulses, maximizing the penetration of care creams and leaving you with ultra-clean, baby-soft skin. An anti-pollution makeover in 1 minute flat. And it’s true, because we have tested it all for you. The “IRIS™”, illuminating massager for the eyes, or even “ISSA™”, the silicone toothbrush, in high-tech design, which ensures a perfect oral hygiene: an hour’s charge on your computer for 6 months of autonomy. Farewell to the splayed bristles of your old brush, relegated to the cabinet of curiosities. It was on the famous boulevard Saint-Germain that FOREO opened its first store in the world in October 2016. It’s a meeting place and an events venue, a chic store, all dressed in white, where you will discover the complete range of products in medical silicone. With sleek designs and pop colours, they quickly conquered customers worldwide who care about well-being and hygiene. And if the germanopratine customers love it, you can be sure that their effectiveness is proven. You should give it a go!

188, boulevard Saint-Germain – 75007 PARIS
+33 (0)9 83 80 45 42 –

Open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.