The cosy atmosphere of this famous furniture and home decoration shop is becoming increasingly popular.

Behind the enchanting, flowery façade of the small Place Furstemberg lies a world of its own: the furniture shop of the Belgian company Flamant. The 800 m2 of sales space is filled with different settings for living the Belgian way, which means that conviviality is a priority. You will discover furniture and decorative objects that create a warm and authentic interior. Try out a deep velvet sofa, lie down in a leather lounge chair, meditate on this sun mirror, imagine your family and friends gathered at the round white marble dining table. Lose yourself at home. You are at your place, in harmony with your loved ones.

“With the pandemic and current international events, the French have become even more sensitive to conviviality and serenity,” explains Arnaud Garel, director of this boutique of wonders. “They want to be in a family environment where they can share magical moments with the people they love, surrounded by beauty. Flamant is popular with French customers and the brand is growing strongly. A shop is about to open on the Rive Droite and another is already open in Aix-en-Provence. But in France, the cradle of the decorator remains, of course, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where the design resonates with the chic, elegance and culture of the district. Flamant is a lifestyle. Anchored in the aesthetics of Northern Europe, it follows nonetheless the constantly changing trends and mentalities. “The collections cover a wide range of styles: from classic and country to Gustavian, and from vintage styles to urban living. This is the very essence of Flamant: a ‘mix and match’ that allows us to provide unique ready-to-use homes, without anyone guessing that everything comes from Flamant,” smiles Arnaud Garel. Timeless or vintage, these pieces of furniture are easy to live with and solid. Made from carefully chosen materials, they create aesthetically harmonious, diverse but coherent interiors. “We never tire of Flamant pieces of furniture, it is even passed down through generations” says the owner.

And there is always something new in the shop. This spring, 4 new shades of Flamant Paint by Tollens will relax our hyper-active urban minds. Calming light green (Jade), natural hazelnut hue (Zen), soft sandy beige (Dunes) and romantic old pink (Boudoir). Flamant has added four powdery shades to its famous palette to bring a glimmer of hope to any room. Even better: Flamant Paint purifies the indoor air –thanks to an active resin– by absorbing the main pollutants in the air and converting them into harmless molecules. The effect lasts up to 20 years after the paint is applied! Breathe, you are elsewhere… but above all you are at home!

8, rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris
+33 1 56 81 12 40