In its brand new store, the famous jeweller presents a “joyful glamour”.

127 years old—a good time to reinvent yourself? This year, Swarovski, like the crystal with its many sparkling facets, is unveiling a new positioning, re-imagining its collections and stores. 27 Instant Wonder shops have been opened around the world, and in Paris, the brand inaugurated its new jewellery showcase at 47 rue de Rennes in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés last October. A tribute to the wonders of crystal, the boutique, bathed in a soothing blue hue, is a sensory space in the colour-block style. This new shop concept is part of the brand’s dynamic renewal, orchestrated by Italian Giovanna Engelbert, who has been head of creative direction since May 2020.
The new colours are her favourite for a “soothing candy effect”: pink, green, yellow, blue and Marshmallow white. A myriad of octagons adorn the walls and host jewellery, watches and accessories. The shop’s innovative textures and materials (velvet, fluted metals, chrome, etc.) arouse curiosity. The world of Swarovski provides visitors with a “joyful glamour” that comes to life through a multitude of crystal pieces.
Under the eye of its famous swan emblem, the jeweller also reinvents its jewellery. Swarovski’s crystals are no longer reserved for sumptuous ballrooms. The company is adapting to contemporary wardrobes. The relationship between the new generations and jewellery has changed. Luxury has become “cool” and crystal a daily tool for self-expression. “Express every side of you” proclaims the new face of Swarovski, the supermodel Bella Hadid. “She embodies the independent and transformative attitude of the new generation,” explains Giovanna Engelbert. “She is a multi-faceted character who breaks free from rules and conformity. She goes from sportswear to glamour while remaining herself and confident. From now on, crystals are fun, trendy and luxury does not need to be taken seriously. For the winter 2022-2023 collection, the creative director explores new silhouettes and introduces lifestyle pieces such as watches, phone cases, pens, figurines… More modern and quirky, Swarovski jewellery celebrates individuality and contemporary glamour through pieces such as the Millenia necklace and watch, the Hyperbola ring or the collaboration with Rosenthal to create Signum, an elegant collection of tableware combining porcelain and crystal. The art of brilliantly reinventing oneself!

47, rue de Rennes – 75006 Paris
+33 1 81 69 49 82 –

Photo © Benoît Florencon