With no fewer than 11 restaurants across the globe! From London to Marbella, passing through Dubai and Mykonos, COYA is a distinctive brand with its Peruvian gastronomic cuisine, music label, art gallery, and entertainment DNA.

In Paris, it’s on the Rive Gauche that COYA invites us to party! You must pass through the archway of Beaupassage, on Rue du Bac, to discover this majestic 700 sqm restaurant, spanning two floors, including the Pisco Bar. Step through the doors of COYA, and the magic of the place transports you to a completely different world. Immediate boarding to a glamorous and reinvented Peruvian universe. The decor is breathtaking: enchanting deities, majestic chandeliers, colourful furniture. A visual, culinary, and festive journey.

A genuine culinary experience
A tasting menu, focused on sharing, takes you to Peru with stops in Japan, China, or even Spain. Here, no traditional starter-main-dessert sequence, but a parade of small dishes to share. The show begins with a guacamole made before your very eyes. Then, chicken empanadas, tuna albacore “Chifa” Ceviche, leche de tigre, Chilean sea bass cazuela, flame-cooked meat anticuchos, a trio of corn, ­Peruvian-style yellowtail sashimi–all in an explosion of flavours heightened by ­Latin-Asian spices. Indulge in nostalgic desserts made with dulce de leche. To accompany these dishes, a sommelier recommends a wine from among the 500 references in the cellar! “Our strength lies in the authenticity of flavours, as well as the quality of service and hospitality, thanks to an enthusiastic, courteous, and elegant team,” says Clément Emery, COYA Paris manager.

The Pisco Bar: Peruvian classics and more…
COYA’s genius lies in offering the possibility to extend the evening by visiting the bar, “a 360° experience from 7 pm to 1 am.” From Thursday onwards, the party is in full swing: renowned percussionists and DJs take you on a journey. Soft lighting, dark blue walls, wood panelling, gilding, leather, red banquettes, and velvet curtains–everything is designed to make you lose your bearings. A club atmosphere where all influences blend together. The Cerise editorial team tested the Pisco Sour, COYA’s signature cocktail, and invites you to try it!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Coya!
A journey to the Inca kingdom where exuberance, gold, and celebration are the order of the day. Dinner and a lively evening featuring renowned DJs, dancers, and percussionists for a party until dawn. Menus starting from €125.

83-85, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris
+33 1 43 22 00 65 – coyarestaurant.com