For all collectors and enthusiasts of vintage timepieces, immediate boarding is in store for a journey through time with this watchmaker-jeweller…

Jean-Yves Vergara, the owner, specializes in vintage watches from prestigious manufacturers, specifically rare timepieces sourced from discontinued collections. At Contre-Temps, they buy and sell unique models that can’t be found elsewhere. Known worldwide, this institution attracts a distinguished clientele. Artists, politicians, industrialists, and royalty frequent this establishment, but don’t expect Jean-Yves Vergara to reveal any names! His guiding principles are trust and confidentiality. Looking at his guestbook, one understands better why… His stock of original components for restoring watches–Cartier, Jaeger, Breguet, Rolex, Omega, and other exceptional models–also contributes to his reputable status. The displays in the store windows are an invitation to dream. One of them, dedicated to women’s watches, is the pride of the watchmaker: “Certain high jewellery models, combined with a particular movement, are works of art.” Amidst these treasures, you’ll also find jewellery from Bulgari, Chanel, or Cartier, restored by Muriel, his wife, a jeweller, gemmologist, and bespoke jewellery designer. Sometimes, all it takes to stand out is a detail. These watches will make you legendary!

93, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris
+33 1 45 48 61 24 –