“For me, Paris is Saint-Germain-des-Prés.”
Éric Pfalzgraf, the founder of the 50 Coiffirst hair salons around the world, proclaims his love and inspiration for the Rive Gauche.

Having salons here has always been a purpose in my life: with 4 salons, this is the area where we have the largest presence. It’s our brand image, our roots, our DNA. My muse is the woman of Saint-­Germain-des-Prés, the Parisian woman with a capital P! With his relaxed look and rock-luxe, ­bohemian-chic dress code, Éric embodies, like his clients, a style that is unique to the Rive Gauche. But what is the Rive Gauche style? “A fashion that has freed itself from logos and has created its own style,” he says. The “Saint-Germain-des-Prés spirit” has also been spread beyond the borders of its Germanopratin hair salons. Among 18th century mirrors, top-of-the-range Italian upholstery and industrial design, as a true “signature salon”, the creator’s touch is present in all his salons in France and abroad. Here, conviviality is the watchword: the star will be as comfortable as anyone else. The desire to make her even more beautiful remains a priority. Éric “still feels privileged to live in Saint-­Germain” and, as a connoisseur of the district, he has his own habits: the Luxembourg Garden, “essential”, the Bar du Marché “for a cup of coffee” or the Blueberry, “a great place for a healthy lunch”. And in his daily routine there is also Cerise… which is celebrating its 10th anniversary! “Because it’s a local approach that has the value of elegance. Chic, luxurious and at the same time simple and efficient, with your magazine and your events, you embody this way of expression and this sense of connection between people, and that is essential and a priority!

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