Being the number one of the Parisian salons, what’s more logical for Éric Pfalzgraf, the founder, than to create his own care products to satisfy his customers, whom he knows to the ends of his scissors. During all these years, the creator of the sumptuous salons—voted in specialised magazines as “most beautiful hair salon in the world”—has practised his art over and over. As everything about Eric, nothing is left to chance! That’s also why, no doubt, that his salons are as much a social place, where to relax and exchange ideas: “With my artistic teams, I have personally been looking after the development of each product, from the meticulous choice of ingredients through to the design, both elegant and delightfully girly…” As a result, we do not skimp on star ingredients in the care products: argan oil, keratin, aloe vera, silk proteins… Used in the right balance to magnify the fibre, retain the colour, give a beautiful shine, increase volume, thicken the hair; in short, get the hair of your dreams. We love the care oil “L’Huile de Soin Sublimatrice d’Éclat”—a dry, non-greasy oil—that applies on hair like a day cream. Nourishing, it gives the hair a subtle shine and the translucent bottle is also good-looking! In the series of essentials for coloured or highlighted hair: the “Shampooing Prolongateur de Couleur” (shampoo prolonging the colouring), is a must. We even recommend the winning duo with the mask “Masque Gelée Prolongateur de couleur”, ultra nourishing and ideal for coloured and sensitized hair. If you dream of more density (as in the adverts where models play with their thick, shiny hair), reach for the keratin shampoo OMG, the best for increasing strength. Finally, let the sun in—ever present in the salon thanks to the staff who are always at their best with radiating smiles—with the “Shampooing Éclat Lumière spécial Vernissage” which illuminates your hair, yes really! Since we test everything, we can guarantee: it revives and maintains the blond, prolongs the effect of the sun and, just like the other products, it comes in a sleek, pastel design, in short, just the way we like it!


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