Coiffirst, of course, you know… Those stunning Rive Gauche salons–4 in total–and many more across the capital… and France!

Step into the 1,000 sqm space on Rue du Four, the former public baths of Saint-Germain, and you’ll understand why this winter, the sun will shift its focus and shine southward on all hair types! And in fact, a chat with Gwenael Monnier, the hairdresser on Rue du Four, confirms it: this year, the trend is all about shades reminiscent of a forest with shimmering nuances, where leaves sport the colour of a setting sun. That means shaded chestnut browns and creating a few highlights using “contouring” technique for a sun-kissed effect on the face.
Following fashion trends, it’s a strong comeback for the natural look and “effortless” styles, a timeless signature of the House. “But a beautiful colour requires adequate hydration and nutrition,” emphasizes this lover of long hair. And at Coiffirst, beauty rituals are a given. We tested their latest sensation, which is skyrocketing: the 30-minute ‘Botox’ ritual. An ultra-nourishing treatment with rather astonishing results, ensuring perfectly controlled and cared-for hair, delivering impeccable outcomes. So chic for the festive season! Yet what truly makes us feel at ease at Coiffirst is the art of service. Driven and inspired by founder Éric Pfalzgraf, it’s one of the values he deems necessary. Hence, a relaxing scalp massage is complimentary with every shampoo, the teams dedicate their time to you, which –truly– becomes yours, and the attention is never lacking. At Coiffirst, the destination is as pleasant as the journey!

44, rue du Four – 75006 Paris
10, rue de Buci – 75006 Paris
2, rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris
3, rue Paul-Louis Courrier – 75007 Paris
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