Discover their key treatments and experience precious and relaxing moments.

The energetic scalp massage has all the virtues: anti-stress, it relieves tension. Soothing, it regulates the circulatory flow. Draining, it promotes good irrigation of the hair bulbs. Applied with appropriate care, it is the dream combo: beautiful, healthy, nourished and resistant hair… just like you. Say goodbye to tension, hello to relaxation, well-being and zenitude, because you’re worth it! Here’s a quick overview of what’s on the agenda…

For a super fast and super effective treatment.
Ask for Fusio-Dose by Kérastase, it lasts 2 minutes, is applied as a spray, acts on the shine and suppleness of the hair. And it doesn’t weigh your hair down!

To relax and feel your hair supple and nourished.
Ask for the 15 or 20 minute intense ritual. What is it? A deep kneading and application of the treatment under a hot towel. Nourishing and revitalising effect guaranteed. A pleasure.

For deep relaxation and radiant hair.
Ask for the Shu Uemura ceremony, available only at the salon on Rue de Buci, where the hairdressers have received special training. Duration: 30 or 60 minutes. A deep massage, inspired by shiatsu, which can go as far as the shoulders. Result: you stimulate the entire lymphatic system, the relaxation is total and the hair is deeply nourished. A great pleasure!

Haircut, hair colouring, hair drying… at Coiffirst, the hair treatment is systematically offered to you with, as a bonus, a quick and efficient massage. Knowing how to welcome is an art!

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