Rendezvous in a floating palace

When preparing a trip, we already know that there are destinations that will do us more good than others. We imagine, speculate, assume, embrace the words of poets, proclaim our ideals in the style of Baudelaire.

Because we already know that There, everything’s order and beauty, calm, voluptuousness and luxury, and since we cannot write anything more accurate to describe the Clēmēns spa, let us indulge in beautiful verses. And besides, the poet could have crossed the threshold of this place with its vaulted cellars from the 18th century, which has become extraordinary thanks to its founder Pauline PICAUT, an osteopath. She has transformed this unique and exceptional place into a haven of absolute luxury and serenity by achieving true technological feats with no less than 5 pools in the candlelit cellars. The 300 sqm of space have been designed on the altar of well-being and slowness, elevated to supreme luxury. In one of the pools, flotation turns into weightlessness, thanks to the 2 tonnes of Epsom salt. One hour in the salt water, with its anti-fatigue, anti-stress and muscle-relaxing properties, is equivalent to the benefits of 3 hours of sleep. In another pool, aquatic massage, the house’s signature treatment –where emotional release and physical relaxation reign– feels like a lullaby that soothes until one lets go and falls asleep… Magical. So magical that Pauline had the brilliant idea of developing these treatments for the little ones. Starting in September, a “baby aquatic experience” will be part of the offerings. Thus, between 3 and 12 months, your little cherubs will also benefit from the sensations of floating reminiscent of their life in utero. The practitioner takes care of the rocking and undulations in the water while the parents (2 people) strengthen their bond with their child while participating in their toddler’s psychomotor development, good coordination, and relaxation. And between land and water, many other treatments await you. When you step through the door of this exclusive place, you will immediately understand what true indulgence is: a moment of attention given to your body. For the Cerise editorial team, the Clēmēns spa is more than a crush, it’s love at first sight!

14, rue des Saints-Pères – 75007 Paris
+33 7 67 04 50 57