TaoKan, the favourite Chinese gourmet restaurant is now served under the stars.

It’s an understatement to say that we are happy with the return of TaoKan. Its Chinese gastronomy revisited and modernised by Christophe Daine and his chef Au Tien Dat had been greatly missed in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Good things come in pairs, so this summer the restaurant is adding an elegant wooden terrace in Rue du Sabot, which is now closed to traffic.
This is how, in absolute calm, you can sit down in front of the restaurant to taste the classics of the house. You will find, or discover, the famous and melt-in-the-mouth dim sum bites, the incredible flavour of ruan ke xie, Hong Kong soft shell crabs, sautéed with pepper and fresh chilli, which only TaoKan cooks in Paris, or the simplicity of the jiao yan you yu, sautéed calamari seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh chilli and lime. The loc lac beef, with its TaoKan sauce and tangy onions, is there, and the pan-fried spinach with peanut soya sauce is a perfect illustration of a new and succulent mix of flavours. We don’t want to move, so we prolong the pleasure of staying on this terrace with some dark chocolate spring rolls, irresistible Franco-Asian delicacies, or a delicious green tea pancake, presented like a maki and accompanied by a fresh mango. Magical!

8, rue du Sabot – 75006 Paris
+33 1 42 84 84 18 36 – www.taokan.fr
Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday and Sunday evening.
Closed from August 1st to 15th