Mix & Match! In 2014 the two pioneers of California Bliss created a true art of Californian healthy living—combining the French know-how of Danielle Ahajot and the Californian way of life of American co-founder Kylie Schuyler—one which even goes beyond the frozen yogurts in countless variations. So, at any time of the day, you can taste the pure Bliss range of Frozen Yogurts: there is something for everyone. Take for example: the famous acai berry—from Brazil, with highly anti-oxidant and energizing virtues—mixed with almond milk and banana—ideal for a snack!—Or the Frozen Yogurts with fruit flavours or just plain, with 0% fat, and to which, according to your taste, you can add a choice of toppings—chocolate, caramelized hazelnuts, coconut flakes… you’re bound to find the one for you! Between surfboards and the “California dreamin’” decor of the brand’s store in rue de Buci, guests can also enjoy their brioches filled with Frozen Yogurt—a delight and highly addictive—at any time of the day.
And in 2019: Hooray, the “happy hour” has finally arrived! The “Frozen” adventure can also be extended: their takeaways with frozen yogurts is a runaway success. And hats off to these two big-hearted women: 100% of the profits go to Global Glow, an association that supports the education of young girls in the world.
And since the range covers a very wide variety of products: vegan, healthy, lactose-free, gluten-free, gourmet or energizing, you will come across all different sorts of food-lovers in this unique place, as if projected outside of France. While waiting to meet you all again in the next California Bliss… in Miami! 

10, rue de Buci – 75006 Paris
+33 1 43 29 92 75 – www.california-bliss.com


Photo: © COOK AND SHOOT by Aline Gérard