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Romain Sarkissian, director of the Vaneau Luxembourg estate agency

Despite the pandemic, Paris has lost none of its attractiveness, says Romain Sarkissian, director of the Vaneau Luxembourg estate agency. The market is now buoyant and, in the 6th arrondissement, beautiful flats are showing almost the same prices as before. It’s no longer time to wait and see!


Is this a good time to buy?

It’s always a good time to buy! I don’t know of anyone who has regretted buying a flat in the last 20 years. Interest rates are still low, the area is still attractive and properties for sale are rare. So yes, the 6th arrondissement is expensive, but it’s a good investment. Buying here means consolidating your assets!

What are the advantages of dealing with Vaneau Luxembourg? 

We have been established here for over 40 years and therefore have a perfect knowledge of the district, the flats and the inhabitants. We are the historical players in a rather stable neighbourhood, where families have been living for a very long time and who, when they move, stay in the district. 

Does the post-Covid era mark the return of foreign investors?

They are not here yet, but I am sure they will be back very soon, because Saint-Germain-des-Prés or Luxembourg are world-famous and appreciated districts.


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