The Burberry brand, founded in 1856 and part of the DNA of British culture, invented the trench coat: an iconic cult item, often copied, never equalled. Hollywood glorified it through celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper.

Creative and innovative, the image of Burberry is illustrated by their “so British” ready-to-wear range. Who does not love their long scarves, the classic check in cashmere, or in wool and silk? As for accessories, the new tartan canvas zip bag, cobalt blue and bright orange, has become a must for any traveller wishing to keep their essentials to hand. But there is a top priority: starting the year 2018 without one’s “Car Coat” would be a heresy! Burberry has designed a fluid, single breasted, tumbled tropical gabardine, lined in the vintage “Check”—a print first used in the 1960s. With a subtle slit at the back and a Piccadilly pocket, the refined cut comes in two lengths, for men and for women, and in 7 colors, including black, sandystone, chalk green or dusty blue. Made in Castleford in Yorkshire, and in line with the brand’s pioneering legacy, the gabardine is as versatile as it is protective. An ultralight, soft and fluid piece of tailoring. For all those who love to sing in the rain.

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