For the festive season, the elegant women of Paris, New York, or Rome will host and dance in golden sequinned high heels. Chic and striking!

Parisian women who love French high-­quality craftsmanship know that the creations never cease at Bégum. This autumn, they’re adorned with Pimlico, the new ankle boot named after London’s famous district. Unmissable with its coloured elastic on the side, this comfortable shoe is suitable for everyday wear, including evenings, thanks to the elegance of the velvet goatskin that adorns it.
But the end-of-year festivities have arrived, bringing with them the Trapeze, a beautiful golden sequinned high heel that will impress the guests at the Christmas Eve celebration, standing tall at 10.5 cm. And there’s no question of abandoning one’s favourite shoes to dance under the disco balls for New Year’s Eve: “Our shoes are designed by women for women: they must be beautiful, elegant, and very comfortable!” smiles Héloïse Wirth, the workshop director who, for a long time, crafted for the house of Chanel.
Now, all that’s left is to await spring to unveil the new house ballerinas: the Kelly in zebra-printed leather! A playful twist inspired by the rounded-toe ballet slipper, elevated with a coloured lambskin collar and crowned with a little bow. All colour combinations are possible on this re-imagined classic, and if you feel the urge to personalise Pimlico, Trapeze, or Kelly, don’t hesitate: the house fulfils all desires upon request!

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Photo © Olivier Placet