Lolo Chatenay

At Lolo Chatenay, you can have fun reinventing your bag with removable flaps while maintaining the elegant tradition of French leather goods.

Change your bag without changing your bag… This is the original promise of Lolo Chatenay, a Lyon-based brand of top-of-the-range leather goods made in France, which has recently set up shop on rue du Cherche-Midi, in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés shopping district. The idea is disconcertingly simple and yet no major brand, somewhat out of laziness, somewhat due to a lack of imagination, had thought of it: to offer a handbag with interchangeable flaps, handles and straps!
Lolo Chatenay is a family business, a mother-daughter duo: Laurence and Marlène, or Laurence known as Lolo, the mother, and Chatenay, the name of the street where Marlène grew up. The label sounds both classic and fun: high quality leathers fashioned according to the traditional techniques of the greatest French houses and playful, customisable bags. Three attachment points on the back and a new flap (materials and colours of your choice) transform the original bag. With new handles and chains, the bag becomes a unique piece, a fashion playground where the personality and creativity of each woman can express itself. With a dozen basic models, plus accessories, there are so many combinations available to the imagination. And the added bonus of the priceless certainty of not seeing your bag worn by another woman!

23, rue du Cherche-Midi – 75006 Paris
+33 1 42 18 45 36