Much more than a pet food shop, the Atelier offers advice and experience to local owners.

In Saint-Germain-des-Prés, we love dogs and cats! So the Royal Canin brand has opened a shop, L’Atelier Royal Canin, to answer all the questions of four-legged pet owners in the neighbourhood. Should an indoor cat be vaccinated? Or should you have your dog groomed after a rainy walk? What food for a particular breed of cat?
At the Royal Canin Workshop, we work for the well-being and balance of our pets. Pet owners, whether they are new owners or have already had a dog or cat, often need help with a given problem and come to seek guidance from a major brand that has made animal health its mantra. The team, experts in nutrition, will give advice and, if necessary, direct owners to vets, behaviourists, groomers, pet sitters or breeders. Several professionals in the 6th arrondissement work with the Royal Canin Workshop, which provides a quick and local solution to all problems: “I met a Royal Canin advisor at the Feline Workshop for my cat, a white Highland Straight suffering from deafness,” says Amalia. She was able to answer my questions and my doubts were dispelled, thanks to a listening attitude and an expertise confirmed in writing. My own behaviour also changed my cat’s.
In the shop, new areas have been set up to allow you to check your cat’s weight and choose a diet that meets its specific needs according to its breed, age, sensitivities and lifestyle.
L’Atelier Royal Canin also offers a new home delivery service for bags of kibble. Practical and fast!
Finally, the Atelier offers the possibility of booking a free session with a Royal Canin advisor. Responsible adoption days, masterclasses and workshops for children are also held regularly. A complete experience for more love with our 4-legged friends!

142, boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris –


Photo © Inge Wallumrød / Pexels