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We are all potential travellers in search of wonder of the greatest continent: Asia. For us Europeans, Asia is undoubtedly the most enigmatic and the most “exotic” of all cultural concepts. This is why the organization of such a trip is sometimes similar to the ascent of Everest… Don’t panic! 

Asia is not only THE Asia specialist, it is also one of the few agencies that regularly send its teams out into the field to find the most typical places, set up exclusive and original projects, forge links with the population and get to know, after 30 years, the customs and habits at their fingertips. Thus you can almost climb the highest peak in the world without oxygen or ice axes. To the smallest detail, everything is thought out, arranged, built according to your desires, your capacities, in short, “hand-crafted” so you can cross borders with the serenity of the Dalai Lama. 

On the premises in Paris, the travel agency is already a change of scenery in itself, with exhibitions that are being renewed—photographs, paintings, objects, textiles… You will nevertheless not yet find any geishas there but Madame de Thé—who will also know where to find them!—and her team. Manager of Espace Asia Paris, she is one of the most eminent Asia specialists, which she has been covering from East to West for many years. A highly contagious passion. 

For Cerise, she delivers a foretaste of Japan’s most memorable sites, an appetizer of what awaits you before pushing the door of Espace Asia, an antechamber of the Rising Sun…


Really mind-blowing
  • Fly over Tokyo in a helicopter.
  • Climb the Komagatake cable car to admire the Mount Fuji.
  • Walk up one section of the torii path of the Shinto shrine in Kyoto.
  • Enjoy the best sake in the pretty shops of Yanaka, Tokyo’s old quarter.
Not to be missed
  • Immerse yourself in the world of geishas by attending a tea ceremony in Kyoto.
  • Blend into the Japanese tradition by spending a night in one of the monasteries on Mount Koya or in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn.
The must-see attractions
  • Let yourself be taken in by the crowd at the famous Shibuya crossroads and stroll along Tokyo’s Champs-Élysées in the Ginza district.
  • Let yourself be impregnated by the peace that emanates from the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.
  • Bow to the Great Buddha of the Todai-ji Temple of Nara, in the middle of the roaming fallow deer.

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admirer la grâce d’une Maiko dans la lumière des lanternes de Gion à Kyoto

Admire the grace of a Maiko in the light of the lanterns of Gion in Kyoto.