Émeric Chantier, Move, mixed media, 180 x 65 x 32 cm – 2017 © A2Z Art Gallery


Vegetal reflections

Since its creation in 2009, the A2Z Art Gallery seeks to reveal new young talents of contemporary art. From June 17th to July 29th, hurry to discover Emeric Chantier, a 30 year-old “plant sculptor”, who already made his mark at the Paris Art Fair in March. “I ‘vegetalise’ objects or body parts from sculptures that I make, and then I cover them with miniature plants”, explains the artist. “This is not an act of ecological activism, but a personal reflection on the functioning of our societies.” How are humans positioned in relation to nature? Why are we destroying the planet? I believe that in the end, the planet will actually survive and outlive the human species! Beautiful and strong, sometimes strange, Emeric Chantier is interrogating us with his work, like “Fetus”, this baby covered with moss and flowers, curled up in a cocoon of metal, or “A Child”, a small Vietnamese girl annihilated by a napalm bomb and on whom, despite this, “nature” grows. The style is unique, poetic and the technique very advanced (sculpture, flocking, paint). We can’t wait to see the new pieces of the exhibition “Regarde-moi” on themes around the hand and animals…

Save the date!

September 9th – October 7th
Wade Shehata will expose his series Renaissance where light and gestures, through photography, bring the canvases of the great classical and romantic masters to life.

October 14th – November 25th
It will be Hom Nguyen’s turn to unveil his amazing portraits.

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