Samer Zakharia, the alchemist of beauty, creates 4 scented candles with energizing properties and a new beauty pen. 

Famous for his alchemical beauty products, mixing scientific innovations (biotechnological active ingredients) and magic (textures and fragrances), Samer Zakharia, creator of MAISON FLAMEL, never stops imagining new ways to make us more beautiful, more zen, in a word, happier in our stressful lives.
So, for the lovely summer evenings, the designer offers us 4 precious alchemical candles called “I bring luck!”. More than a candle, MAISON FLAMEL invents a holistic atmosphere solution, mixing perfume, olfactotherapy and spirituality. Each candle represents an element that promotes a pillar of our lives (fire for health, water for love…). It is a real concentrate of positive energy that floods our homes. For these 4 candles, Samer Zakharia has surrounded himself with the medium Yaguel Didier, the perfumers Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behagel, the candle maker Patrice Dana and finally, the National Library of France to decorate each candle with an original coat of arms. Assembled and presented on a specific tray, they form a four-leaf clover, symbol of luck and happiness.
But summer is also the season for insect bites, pimples and acne. In order not to spoil our power of seduction, MAISON FLAMEL has developed the Stylo Alkémique, a roll-on that dries small imperfections and makes them disappear in 48 hours. The secret? Alchemilla, succinic acid, the Pure Flamel active ingredient and a cocktail of 7 essential oils, that is the quintessence of the magical know-how of our beauty alchemist.

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