At Taokan, chef Au Tien Dat imagines each day a truly creative and definitely tasty French-Chinese cuisine.

The beautiful story of Taokan, the successful gastronomic Chinese of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, has been written from the beginning with 4 hands. Those of Christophe Daine, creator of elegant and chic fusion restaurants and those of Au Tien Dat, talented chef with an unbridled imagination. Born in Hong Kong and arrived in France at the age of 20, Au Tien Dat is a self-taught man. He acquired his skills in Paris in prestigious houses such as Buddha Bar or Chez Ly. When Christophe Daine offers him carte blanche to create a modernised and contemporary gastronomic Chinese menu, the chef gives free rein to his creativity based on his dual culture, Cantonese and French. Thus, he works with products that are not part of Chinese cuisine, such as eggplant, spinach or scallops, but in the traditional Chinese way, in the form of delicate dimsums, for instance. Modern, Taokan’s recipes are unique, absolutely not greasy and not very salty. The same inventiveness prevails for dessert with crispy chocolate egg rolls, an irresistible Franco-Asian delicacy. The lovely Matcha green tea crepes, presented as a maki, accompanied by a fresh mango or chocolate sauce, builds a formidable gustatory bridge between Brittany and Asia, of which Au Tien Dat remains the unrivalled master.

8, rue du Sabot – 75006 Paris – +33 1 42 84 84 18 36
1, rue du Mont-Thabor – 75001 Paris – +33 1 42 61 97 88
Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday and Sunday evening. Closed from August 1st to 15th


Photo: Matcha green tea crepes presented as a maki, accompanied by chocolate sauce.
© Grégory Girard – Sensationweb