“Is it possible that leaving only serves the purpose of remembering?” Pierre Neveu

The Cape Verdean Odyssey

What about getting on board an exceptional yacht, to an escape in the archipelago? This year, Cape Verde is all the rage, and the travel agency Jancarthier Voyages and their specialist Cape Verde tour operator, Héliades, will embark you on a dream cruise so you can...

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The art of French castle living in the 21st century

Oh the glorious times of châteaux! The mystery of the twilights, the walls bursting with history, the pepper-box turret, the lace of the old stones, the majesteous mornings… “Living in this setting, yes!” exclaim Axel Garrigue-Guyonnaud and Sylvain Escarrega, the...

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Hôtel Le Royal de la Baule: VIP getaway

Last spring, Franck Marie took up the reins of the Hotel Le Royal in La Baule, an institution on the Atlantic coast and the flagship of the Barrière Group. Previously from the Grand Hotel in Dinard, this professional within the luxury segment, set himself a mission to...

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Step Travel: the conquest of the East

We’re all set to conquer the east with this extraordinary trip put together by brand new tour operator Step Travel. Together with partner Jancarthier Voyages* they offer us the stuff of dreams from East to West aboard the exceptional Trans Siberian Express.

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Mauritius: the morne peninsula

Beachcomber Tours and Jancarthier Voyages travel agency transport us across the Morne peninsula. Now boarding for the most beautiful destination on Mauritius, with two prestigious locations on our must-see list.

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Domaine de la Bretesche

The Hôtel de Bretesche with its 18 holes course, considered to be among the best in the world, is for you. Here you can try out your clubs in the heart of a nature reserve, dotted with beds of hydrangea and ancient trees, but beware the bunkers, they have a formidable reputation…

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