Now more than ever, it is time for healthy and eco-friendly food.

With 11,000 references, the first supermarket in the district has become the unmissable place to be for Germanopratinians who want to eat healthy while preserving our planet. Created in the South-West of France (several shops between Bordeaux and Toulouse) by Nathalie and Jean-Marc Lachat, the label is very demanding. Here, ecology is not fashionable; they are active fighters! favours French products by relying mainly on local suppliers. Fruits, vegetables and bread are delivered daily. The specifications, for each product, are more exigent than elsewhere and whether it is food, dietetics, cosmetics or food supplements, the staff regularly attend training sessions to deepen their knowledge. You will find hundreds of bulk products to reconcile economy and ecology. There is even a textile corner offering baby clothes, selected for their cotton without any dyeing. Not to be missed! 

101, rue de Sèvres – 75006 Paris
+33 1 58 67 10 10

Photo © Cédric Vlemmings