This year, for the sunny days, Les Deux Magots have launched a new terraced garden by the shadow of the abbey church, a green enclave in the heart of Saint-Germain, responding to the desire of its owner and chairwoman, Catherine Mathivat, who wants to give it new life while preserving the authenticity of this legendary café-restaurant. Supported by Serge Bonin, the operating director and his entire team, she wants to perpetuate the family spirit of a privileged “meeting point” for Parisians. On the covered terrace, protected by French style boxwood borders, you are sheltered from the urban hubbub and the whims of the weather, whether it’s for a quiet morning coffee, to indulge in the ritual of aperitif or to enjoy a fine dinner with friends. For Jacques Vergnaud, the development manager in charge of communication and brand renewal since April, “preserving cultural heritage” and “moving forward” is also to honour and celebrate artists and intellectuals from the area. A literary master place, the establishment is a cult place for arts. A source of inspiration for filmmakers, from Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob to Untouchable, it recently hosted Star Wars’ scriptwriter’s work sessions. And of course, emphasis is still being placed on visual arts: hence the fine art exhibition in late May (19th to 31st), on the theme of Parisian elegance and jazz music in Saint-German-des-Prés, and then in June (9th to 19th), as part of the Parcours Saint-Germain, with focus on the Iranian artist Sepand Danesh. Expect a stellar season in a legendary place.

6, place Saint-Germain-des-Prés – 75006 Paris
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