To the question “What are your opening hours?” Arnaud Duhem, one of the managers of Le Tigrr, answers maliciously: “Le Tigrr it’s from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. and beyond when the feeling is right”. The tone is set to define this new concept –which already has his aficionados in Megève, Saint-Tropez or Courchevel– of this “restaurant-bar-dance-floor-if-you-want”. With Jérôme Foulcaud, his associate, the two entertainers, coming from the luxury hotel sector, know all the ingredients to fit every taste. The recipe for their success? First of all, fresh and unique dishes cooked by a Cambodian chef –the king crab summer rolls blows our minds as well as the sea bream steamed in banana leaf. Then an ultra-eclectic music programme, flirting with a classical, rock, soul range completed by a bar open from 9 a.m. till late into the night. Here you are: a house with –good– friends where the day will stretch… So try the “à toute vapeur” menu –at full steam– for lunch, come back in time for the aperitif to sip a cocktail and go into the sitting room in the glow of subdued lights for dinner. On Wednesday nights, you will be charmed by the trio “double bass, sitar and voice” and if Barry White makes you feel like grooving, Dan Adrien, at the turntables will slightly push the bass all the week long for the bar to mutate into a cosy dance floor. Here, as you will have realized, you lead the way. As says Arnaud, “if all seems natural, means that we’ve done a good job!”. That’s expertise.

1, rue de Condé – 75006 Paris
Phone: 01 42 02 23 23 –