An institution opposite  the church of Saint-Sulpice

« Le Café de la Mairie »! Even the best of communicators couldn’t find a more evocative name to encapsulate a moment, a place, a setting. Since last century this legendary café has been a « neighbourhood cafe », frequented by such illustrious writers as Beckett, Hemingway, Camus, Georges Perec and so many others who, only yesterday, sat here and enjoyed the famous « Combat-café-tartine ». In the same place and in an almost identical setting, today it’s the residents of Saint-Germain and tourists from the world over who come to drink their fill of the unique atmosphere of place Saint Sulpice. Much like the neighbouring church, « Le Café de la Mairie » exudes the reassuring grace of the eternal. If an institution exists in Saint-Germain-de-Près, « le Café de la Mairie » is undoubtedly the most famous of them all! Henri Hermabessiere, airline pilot and owner of this family run establishment since 1966, devotes himself to the running of it with passion! Now brace yourselves for a fantastic quantum leap! With the arrival and the sharp eye of new manager Frédéric De Lano: tantalising pastries and flavoursome dishes of the day will soon be ready for you to sample in the brand new seating on the terrace. As for a radical revamp of the decor, don’t count on it! In these times where some of the legendary places in Saint-Germain are starting to blur, it’s a gentle relief that this unique café in place Saint-Sulpice, « the centre of the world » as the poets called it, has managed to remain true to itself.

8, Place Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris
Phone: +33 1 43 26 67 82