© Michel Trehet


If Saint-Germain-des-Prés is an island in the Parisian jungle, Huguette is a little seaside bistro!

Inspired by the “crab shacks”, these small seaside eateries where you can taste freshly-caught fish, Huguette is a “beautiful cabin” dedicated to the products of the sea, conceived by the Flottes family (of brasserie le Père Fouettard, rue Cambon) and signed by the architect-decorator Richard Lafond (Sennequier, Café Charlot, Berthillon…). Established since last spring at rue de Seine, in a neighbourhood that, until then, lacked a bit of sea air, Huguette is letting the winds of Etretat, Deauville and Cap Ferret sweep over the festive evenings of Christmas and New Year thanks to their take-away bar. A Christmas Eve with shells and seafood, but also smoked salmon, rillettes, tarama or Saint-Jacques. At Huguette, you can take the whole menu with you home! And as one does not easily tire of the flavours of the freshly-served produce from the sea, New Year’s Eve is also great excuse to go back to the take-away bar and start the new year, energized by differently cooked products, in the form of dim sum, gyoza, steam-cooked dishes etc. The Saint-Germain seaside bistro might well be crowded around the holidays, so remember to order 24 hours in advance!

81, rue de Seine – 75006 Paris
01 43 25 00 28 
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.