Photo © Cyril Fussien

There’s always something going on at Arty Dandy! A new creator, a new collection, an unknown designer: the sharp and chic selection of this gift shop is constantly expanding. For example, Ylustre, Chandelles des Lumières, a French brand of pillar candles, is bringing back the ritual of scented sweet notes. Secret and romantic, the Ylustre note is a declaration of love that must be burned immediately after reading, releasing a captivating amber scent. The box contains 30 rolls printed with a hopeful phrase and delicately rolled by hand. But there is nothing to prevent you from adding a more personal note –quite the contrary! A ritual of love and literature, in the very spirit of Rive Gauche.

At Arty Dandy – 1, rue de Furstemberg – 75006 Paris
+33 1 43 54 00 36


Ylustre intemporels

Pillar candles Ylustre: les Intemporels / © CHRISTOPHE DUGUET / EUSKALZOOM360.FR