The top-of-the-range version of the Saint Maclou shops is opening on boulevard Raspail. The result? A tempting offer and meticulous advice.

It’s a mini-revolution. Since the installation of its showroom in the 7th arrondissement, the Saint Maclou brand, created in 1963, has been busy on Boulevard Raspail. Florence Pruvost, director of the product and style offer at the national level explains: “What is important is that a customer can get support in our shop and find a range of products for the floor, walls and windows that matches their requirements and we had to fit all this into a 50 m2 shop. We therefore created a sort of sample bar and emphasised the quality of the advice, taking into account the needs of the inhabitants of central Paris. On site, experienced sales personnel offer complete quotes with installation and made-to-measure in the field of carpets, but also parquet, tiles and curtains, so that you don’t miss out on your alliances or ambiances. How to give some cachet to a floor with a parquet called Versailles with a pattern of intertwined diagonals in solid wood? Which curtain to match with your carpet? How to choose between synthetic or pure wool? Why choose wide planks if you want to give a feeling of space? Saint Maclou answers all these questions, with prices ranging from the very reasonable to the most luxurious. Florence Pruvost gives an inventory of the trends on Boulevard Raspail: “When our customers don’t opt for herringbone or herringbone parquet, carpeting is very attractive. In an urban environment, it is comfortable and absorbs noise. At the moment, there is a plebiscite for natural colours, a return to the essentials with more raw materials such as wood or stone, which give a craft-based touch. But we are also seeing the emergence of colours, particularly blues and greens. A choice is being made between unbleached, grey colours, which favour light, and darker colours, which create a warm cocoon effect. Another strong trend is wallpaper, particularly panoramic ones, which impose a style on a room. At Saint Maclou, one of our areas of expertise is to advise customers on how to choose the right balance in terms of decoration. If you choose a dark parquet floor, this will be a strong choice that must be tempered by more sober walls or curtains, for example. When it comes to tiles, cement tiles are still the most popular, but the sizes are getting bigger and bigger. The 60 × 60 cm tiles have become classics and there is a trend towards the visually flattering 80 × 80 cm and 60 × 120 cm.” And while terrazzo is on the rise, it is being challenged by white and black marble, but also by more colourful stone ceramics, which will soon be featured in upcoming collections. Expertise and a diversified offer: this is Saint Maclou’s new bet to take the demanding clientele of Saint-Germain-des-Prés by storm.

2, boulevard Raspail – Paris 75007
+33 1 80 27 26 99