An institution doesn’t change… it evolves. For instance, the Café de la Marie and its unique and exceptional location, facing the Saint-Sulpice church. In addition to the brasserie’s menu, today you can order the “plat du jour” –daily special. If you feel like having a culinary delight, a piece of advice: don’t move from your chair! First of all, it will be taken immediately and secondly –it’s all new, you can have foie gras, or a salmon or crayfish salad… Add a radiant sun, the best view on this outstanding Saint-Suplice church and it’s the Dolce Vita by Saint-Germain-des-Prés. If you have dinner with family and your teenager asks for his everlasting hamburger, ask for more chairs because hamburgers are also part of the new menu! You keep the legendary mille-feuille and you have fish for dinner on Fridays. After 9 months in business, the new manager, Frédéric de Lano, has changed nothing to the institution but has improved it all. And we love it!

8, place Saint-Sulpice – 75006 Paris – Phone: 01 43 26 67 82