Here, no need for imagination to complement the chef’s efforts in the kitchen!

It is a brunch, just like the hotel, 5 stars, which awaits you. It is first and foremost a feast for the eyes and it’s always prepared according to the seasons. The profusion of dishes, the variety, the colours, the careful presentation, the desserts: a real delight. Vegan enthusiasts should not miss the vegan friendly corner with products from the famous brand “Jay & Joy”.
Here, gluttony is a sweet temptation. The oyster platters, their tasty salmon gravlax, the tuna and salmon tatakis, their Corsican or Lyonnaise, Italian or Spanish charcuterie, cut with the slicer… and that’s just the beginning. And, as if that wasn’t enough, cassolettes of various dishes are served at the table. The soup of the day is on the buffet, always accompanied by seasonal vegetables. From the superb cheese platter—to be enjoyed with Giovanni Bianco’s exceptional bread—to the poke bowls, there is something for everyone. As for the desserts, they are simply irresistible! Special mention for the île flottante and the flan, specialities of chef Jérôme Jullion. With a choice of no less than 20 sweet and savoury items, you will simply go from one delight to another. With a good conscience as a bonus, since they also make a fabulous detox juice!

7-11, rue Saint-Benoît
75006 Paris – +33 1 42 61 53 53