© Delphine Denans / Diph Photography

The first aquatic spa in Paris: a timeless experience!

At 14 rue des Saints-Pères, there is a green door like any other. A simple intercom, a code. And that’s it. In other words, before entering this timeless place, you have to show your credentials. So we get in. And then, wow! The Clēmēns spa is a tale… A fairy tale! The story begins in the 18th century. After two long years of renovation, the vaulted cellars of the Age of Enlightenment have found splendour here. Embellished with precious wood, nestled in a luxurious zen decor, the technological prowess of the 5 pools at 35°C gives the 300 m2 a unique, chic and singular atmosphere. This marvel is the initiative of a woman and a man. She, Pauline Picaut, an osteopath, and he, Marc Idoine, pool manager at the Cheval Blanc Paris and the Lutetia. At the height of their know-how, the treatments are all given by osteopaths and para-medical professionals: osteopathy, hypnosis, sophrology, massage, relaxation, everything is done in the middle of the pools. Under the discreet lighting of the wrought iron lanterns, we have tried the “Floating Massage”. A classic. But what a classic! One hour of pure plenitude. As if there was no tension anymore that this hour could not dissipate, the ears barely immersed, the sense of hearing still has access to the soft background music. The perfect suspension of the body in the water allows the practitioner (magician would be more accurate!) gentle and infinitely controlled gestures to practice her art. Under her protective wing, some reference points are lost as she makes us float in one direction and then, very slowly, in another. An aquatic ballet of letting go where, mixed with the warmth of the water, the idea of prenatal sensations impose itself. A truly unique experience. Just like the saline pool where, as in the Dead Sea, our bodies float and are freed from all impurities.
The water in the pools, which is tested and controlled, is constantly renewed, micro-filtered and sterilised by ultraviolet light. It is then reused for the sanitary network; an eco-responsible approach which guided the achievement of this unique place in Paris. Even the teams’ swimming costumes, made in France, are made of Econyl, a recycled fibre from fishing nets left in the oceans. And, even in the rooms where you can have a makeover, with cotton and other make-up remover available, everything is beautiful, everything is organic, even the home-made tea served after the treatments. In short, a palatial service for an exceptional place. A great favourite!

14, rue des Saints-Pères – 75007 Paris
+33 7 67 04 50 57 – www.spaclemens.com