Are you more of an Arhuaco, a Colombian with chocolate flavours, or Biloya, a very fruity grand cru from Ethiopia? To find out, coffee lovers will run to the Loutsa Torréfacteur (coffee roaster), the Mecca of coffee in Saint-­Germain-des-Prés. As a good craftsman, Loutsa takes the time to work the beans to sublimate each terroir and each aroma. Combined with expert machines and the know-how of the baristas, they release exceptional coffees. As in a wine cellar, Loutsa roasteries offer a tasting space for the best speciality coffees so that everyone can leave with their own freshly roasted Grail. A world of rich aromas and flavours, which Loutsa also invites you to explore in depth during its unmissable “Caféology” Workshops.

54, rue Saint-Placide – 75006 Paris – +33 1 71 37 66 29
1, rue de Bazeilles – 75005 Paris – +33 1 83 96 54 81