Photo © Victor Floril

Not far from the Musée d’Orsay, the historic boutique has been transformed into a unique and emblematic setting.

In 1981, the rue de Bellechasse welcomed the first boutique of a young perfume brand, Annick Goutal. Following a new renovation, this historic location has been transformed into a unique showcase under the artistic direction of Marie-France Cohen (sister of Annick Goutal).
A precious and feminine boudoir, the boutique perfectly conveys the poetic soul of the house, a scenographic expression rewarded with a Popai Awards 2021, trophy for the most beautiful boutiques in the world.
A good opportunity for Parisians and for the many tourists strolling between the Musée d’Orsay and the Boulevard Saint-Germain to discover Folie d’un soir*. This woody spicy fragrance, with notes of leather, cocoa and rose, belongs to the “Géraldine” collection. The line echoes one of Annick Goutal’s many lives. At the end of the 1960s, without knowing what fate had in store for her, she gave up her career as a pianist and set off on her own to London. It was the “one night stand” that made her a free woman and a fashionable model in swinging London under the name Géraldine. Complex, contemporary and more unisex, Folie d’un soir appeals to a younger clientele and stands out from the house’s more floral classics.

*One night stand

16, rue de Bellechasse – 75007 Paris
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